Double To A Million Plan: Step 16 - Strange Events Hinder Launch?

Double To A Million Plan

Double Your Way To A Million
Starting with Nothing, Ending with a Million Dollars.

Author: Xinfinitum

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Step 16 - Strange Events Hinder Launch?

How To Double Your Way To A Million In 28 Steps

Late Breaking New

Ohh Boy !! Things are happening and they don't look good.

A short time ago as I was sitting at my computer working to get the New Project Launched something very strange happened.

It is daylight here right now but the blinds in my office are closed. Suddenly, there was a bright flash that lit the room, that came through the window. I must admit it startled me and my heart jumped and now my chest hurts a little.

Immediately after the flash there was a loud explosion or "BANG".

I looked out the window but everything was totally silent. I then went downstairs and opened the door, it was totally silent.

I live in the country and there are not too many other homes near me and not much around to go wrong. Unless you count squirrels starting a riot or something.

I thought maybe a Power Line Transformer blew up, but I saw no evidence of that as there doesn't seem to be any transformers immediately in my area.

A little while later I saw a Fire Truck, with their lights going, drive up by my house towards the dead end. I thought, well, if this is something to do with a transformer, where is the Electric company? Then, only a few minutes later, an Electric Company truck drove by up the dead end as well.

I hope everything is OK and no one got hurt.

Another concern is that I still have alot to do for the Launch of the New Project and if I lose power because they need to shut the power down, the Launch may be delayed.

Even Later Breaking News - The Electric Company truck stopped out front and I went out to talk to them, more liked yelled to them because the NorthEaster last night dumped over a foot of snow or more and I couldn't get to them.

They said they were not surprised that I was startled by what happened, when there was a flash, because it is apparently quite bright when it goes off. It was a huge fuse in the power line. They said I was lucky, because it lost power on one road, but I am at an intersection and I happened to be being fed from the line that comes from the other street that didn't go down.

I guess the New Project actually does have the Luck of the Irish for Saint Patrick's Day.

Present Stake: $209.98

Motto: It is only "one" found penny.



This Doublers Blog is based upon the Double Up Plan "How to Double Your Way to a £Million in 28 Steps". It is an attempt to "Double Your Way to a Million" by going from one penny to one million dollars, in only 28 Steps. At the beginning you start by finding a penny and then double a penny until reaching the final goal.

How to Double Your Way to a Million in 28 Steps D.T.A.M.P. - Double To A Million Plan

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