Double To A Million Plan: Step 16 - A New Very Small Revenue Source

Double To A Million Plan

Double Your Way To A Million
Starting with Nothing, Ending with a Million Dollars.

Author: Xinfinitum

Monday, January 22, 2007

Step 16 - A New Very Small Revenue Source

How To Double Your Way To A Million In 28 Steps

After my Penny Stock Brokerage Statement came I saw that the DTAMP funds I had in the account had earned some interest as it sat in a Money Market Fund.

After calculating everything I found that the "Stake" had earned Fifty-Six Cents ($0.56) .

I am adding that to the overall make a million plan "Stake".

If you are interested in obtaining the Free Report that further explains what I am doing in Turning a Penny into a Million Dollars, please Click the following link.

"How to Double Your Way to a £Million in 28 Steps"

On Tuesday, I have a meeting with the Store Owner to begin the process of setting them up with a Web Presence. I have to get some material together to make the presentation.

I took my wife out for a nice Chinese dinner yesterday and towards the end of the meal, I expressed my concerns about how good a job I would be able to do and if I would be able to be compensated adequately in doing all the work.

The waitress then brought the fortune cookies and mine read:

Oh, the irony. It made me feel a little better plus we had a good laugh about it.

Present Stake: $198.04

Motto: It is only "one" found penny.



This Double your way to Wealth Blog is based upon the One Coin to One Million Plan "How to Double Your Way to a £Million in 28 Steps". It is a free report on how to raise a million dollars starting with one penny. It is a journey of starting with nothing and going from a penny to million in 28 steps. At the beginning you start by finding a penny and then become a million doubler. Learn How to Double your way to one million.

How to Double Your Way to a Million in 28 Steps
D.T.A.M.P. - Double To A Million Plan

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