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Author: Xinfinitum

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Coming Back !!

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Happy Hibernation Day Everyone ! Now here is something you'll really like........

They said it wasn't possible, they said it could never happen, they even said Crow had retired to an island a few yards off the coast of Madagascar where he raises penguins for sport and pleasure.

But it is possible, it has happened and the rumors of Crow's retirement have been mostly misleading and in some cases harmful to the reputation of genuine penguin farmers.

MST3K is coming back and it is up to you to make that comeback a roaring success.

Joel Hodgson is doing his part, I have done my part, please do your part to raise the funds needed to create 12 brand new full length episodes of MST3K and launch the Satellite of Love into Orbit for what could be 100's of more episodes.

Go to the MST3K Kickstarter Project and help us get to 5.5 Million Dollars so Joel and the Bots can create 12 more episodes.  We are getting there fast but we need your help to make it all the way.

Bring Back MST3K -

I have been a big fan of MST3K for around 25 years now and I see this as an opportunity of a life time to be a part in resurrecting this cultural icon for a new generation. Lets bring MST3K back.

 Now a few words from my friend and yours..........

 And the Fans go Wild !!!! 

 HiDeeHo everyone. In case you don't know me, I am Crow T. Robot and I am excited by the sheer excited excitement of all the MST3K fans and fanettes out there. They have already pledged over Two Million dollars in only a short few days to bring back three brand spanking new episodes of MST3k in all it outer orbit glory.

But we need the full 5.5 Million dollars to make all 12 new episodes and convince the omnipotent "Executives" that the fans of MST3K are a force to be reckoned with or at the very least a force worth giving us the show we all loved and adored.

When you make a pledge of tiny little dollar bills you get some fantastic rewards, but more importantly you will help me get back in my theater chair where I spent the happiest days of my life.

Please help me Riff again.

Who wants to retire when we are so close to bringing MST3K back.

That URL again is (  )

 Present Stake:$4455.92
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Slogan: As Simple As Finding A Penny.
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Regards, Xinfinitum

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