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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Double A Penny - Step 20 - Avaratec Encore

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Encore Edition of the Avaratec CMOS Battery Fiasco

As you may remember earlier this year I was attempting to change a CMOS battery in an older Avaratec Model 4100 Series Laptop and it exploded into my right eye... "Lithium Battery Explosion"

Fortunately, no permanent damage was done and I can see ok, as well as can be expected from over 50 year old eyeballs.

Anyways, I still was determined to find a replacement battery but ran into nothing but road blocks. I couldn't find one that was compatible and the emergency room took the leads and plug from the old battery. The only one I could find was over $50.00 and even that was questionable.

So I took a risk and looked on Ebay and bought something that looked kind of similar for just $1.99 . I figured that even if I was wrong I was only out a few dollars and maybe I could solder the leads to the computer.

I was also working on other alternatives at the time. I had an old motherboard sitting around and it still had the CMOS battery holder soldered to it. I removed it and was going to jury rig that if the new battery didn't work.

I got the new battery and it fit perfectly. Problem solved.

I am writing this blog in case there is anyone out there that has an Avaratec Model 4100 and needs a CMOS battery to replace here is how to find one and other data to dig one up:

"Ebay CR2032 IBM CMOS Battery"

"Laptopz-Outlet ( 264005 )"

"Visit my store:Laptopz-Outlet"

CR2032 IBM CMOS Battery 08K8216 08K8050 92P0986 02K6541

Brand New IBM ThinkPad Real Time Clock Battery (RTC) CMOS BIOS BACKUP
Coin cell battery with two wires two pin connector.

Replace IBM P/N- 02K6541, 02K7087, 02K7075, 08K8050, 08K8216
FRU-02K6572, 92P0991, 92P0986
Will fix the following error codes:
0250: systems battery error
0251: System CMOS checksum bad
0260: System Timer error
0270: Real-Time Clock Error
Dimensions:20mm x 20mm x 3.2mm
Details:3 Volt Lithium Battery

Compatible with:
IBM Thinkpad 570 Series -- 570, 570E, 570X, 570Z
IBM ThinkPad A Series -- A20, A20P, A20M, A21, A21E, A21M, A21P, A22,A22M, A22P, A23, A30,A30P, A31P
IBM ThinkPad T Series -- T20, T21, T22, T23, T30, T40 , T60
IBM ThinkPad R Series -- R40, R40e, R50, R50e, R50p, R51, R52, R60
IBM ThinkPad X Series -- X30, X31, X32
IBM xSeries -- 300, 400

As you can see the battery is compatible with an IBM ThinkPad and also works on the Avaratec Model 4100 as well.

Another bit of info: The bag the CMOS Battery came had the number N7G04S on it.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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