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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Double To A Million - Step 20 - Television

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Recently Dick Clark passed away.  It seems lately that many of the people that were a remote part of my life, and by remote I mean television, have been signing off the air permanently.

It is a different time in ones life when the people you have loved or even been entertained by begin leaving this earthly existence.  The world slowly becomes a more lonely place.  You never really see it coming nor can you prepare for it.  It sneaks up on you slowly.  One by one they go away.

As I thought about all the famous people I grew up with that were on television it occurred to me that television, at one time or another, also provided opportunities for "fame", with a small "F" and a small "ME", for the not so famous.

In speaking with my Mom about Dick Clark's passing she told me she had been on the television show American Bandstand with Dick Clark back in the Fifties dancing her little heart out.  She can still dance circles around me, I have no idea where she gets the energy.

My wife, when she was a tiny tyke was on the "Romper Room" television show in Chicago in the Sixties and I am certain she was the best "Do-Bee" of them all. ( I have to say that because she reads this Blog.)

As for me, I had my 15 minutes or less (probably closer to several minutes) of fame being on the "Uncle Gus Show" that was on WMUR-TV in the late Sixties or early Seventies, my memory is a bit hazy as the exact decade.  Of course, I stole the show, at least in my own young mind, by catching all the whiz-rings, naming all the States on the map and winning a few other things. When I left I had a huge armload of prizes!

Uncle Gus

Recently I had another small claim to fame , although not televised. As you will recall, I accidently blew up a Lithium battery in my eye and was rushed to the emergency room by the EMTs. A friend's daughter has been training to be an EMT and during one of the training sessions they were teaching how to set up a make shift setup for flushing out eyes. They said they recently had someone have a battery explode in their eye and they were teaching the procedure they figured out during the emergency. She immediately knew who it was they were talking about. It will now be apart of official procedures. I hope they call it the "Xinfinitum Procedure". :-)

DTAMP has been moving along very slowly. Hopefully a breakthrough will come one of these days.

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