Double To A Million Plan: Double A Penny - Step 20 - No Stock News

Double To A Million Plan

Double Your Way To A Million
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Author: Xinfinitum

Monday, March 01, 2010

Double A Penny - Step 20 - No Stock News

How To Double Your Way To A Million In 28 Steps
DTAMP - Double To A Million Plan Blog

I kept flipping through the channels but none of the available channels had any news about the stock market.

So I was in the dark regarding my DTAMP stock transaction with Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc. (EGLE) for a few days while in the hospital.

They did the procedure on me on Wednesday and found three tumors in my bladder. The doctor informed me that it was an aggressive type of cancer. They kept me in the hospital for a few more day with a catheter in me and then sent me home. I just had the catheter taken out today. Not a pleasant weekend, since it clogged once but I managed to get it going again and then I broke out in hives/rash because I must have been allergic to the anti-biotics.

The doctor says he may have gotten out all the cancer but it remains to be seen. Further cystoscopies will need to be done starting in six weeks and from what it sounds like going on for the rest of my life.

It really is good that I started to bleed earlier because that enabled them to catch the cancer before it started to spread. They did a CAT scan and did not find anything else. When I saw the blood in the urine I called my doctor and he started things going quickly. They said because I acted quickly they were able to catch it all in time and it didn't spread.

Hopefully they got it all and I will be able to work on DTAMP for many years to come. If the Lord wills it.

Regarding DTAMP transactions. Before I went in for the procedure I bought 852 shares of EGLE. While in the hospital it went up and I sold it after coming home. It made a good profit

DTAMP Equities Plan Report:

02/23/10 - Buy - 852 shares of EGLE @ $4.90 p/s - Total $4174.80
02/26/10 - Sold - 852 shares of EGLE@ $5.22 p/s - Total $4447.44
Total ($272.64) - ($17.96) Fees = ($254.68)
Net Gain of (+6.08736)% in the Amount of ($254.68)

Present Stake: $4446.94

Motto: It is only "one" found penny.
Slogan: As Simple As Finding A Penny.
Theme Song: Chumbawamba - Tubthumping



This Double A Penny Blog is based upon the Doubling Method "How to Double Your Way to a £Million in 28 Steps". Using the Doubling Rule it is an attempt to "Double Your Way to a Million" by going from one penny to a million dollars, starting from nothing. At the beginning you start by finding a penny and then double a penny until reaching $1,000,000.

Double Your Way To A Million
How to Double Your Way to a Million in 28 Steps
D.T.A.M.P. - Double To A Million Plan

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Blogger G said...

Hope the health thing works out for you, good luck.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 5:31:00 PM  
Blogger Xinfinitum said...

Thank You.

There were complications - emergency room visit, additional hospital stay this last week.

Hopefully I am home for good now and the pain will begin to subside.


Saturday, March 06, 2010 10:31:00 AM  

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