Double To A Million Plan: Double To A Million - Step 18 - 2008 Is A Bad Year

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Author: Xinfinitum

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Double To A Million - Step 18 - 2008 Is A Bad Year

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Well not the whole year but the first Nine Days anyways.

It started right from the beginning. The Stock Market has dropped everyday, straight down and all the DTAMP stake is in a trade for the markets to go up. Very, very bad.

The first amount invested ($738.53) back in October of 2007 is down (-24.30%) as of yesterday. Ouch. A large portion of that loss has taken place in January 2008.

The second investment ($296.72), invested on January 3rd, 2008 is down (-8.63%).

But worse than that, on Tuesday while out for lunch, a bicyclist darted out in front of me and we collided. He ended up on top of the hood of my car. I don't want to go into details but after we exchanged information he started to walk away with the bike. I went after him and asked him if I could take him anywhere and he wanted me to take him to the emergency room at the hospital.

I called the police at the hospital. Hopefully everything will be OK. He seems to be uninjured. But there was a lot of shock both for him and my wife and I. It is traumatic to be in that kind of accident, for everyone. I haven't been able to sleep since.

The last thing I ever expected was to have an accident with a bicyclist in the middle of January. He came out from behind a very high snow bank and I never saw him until he was on the hood. He was fortunate that I didn't panic and hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

My insurance company contacted the bicyclist the next day and will be taking care of the ER visit and hopefully help him with repairs to his bike.

A warning to bicyclists:

(1). Never, ever, ride against the traffic, always ride with traffic. (He was on the wrong side of the road and was coming from the opposite direction the traffic was coming. I was watching the traffic coming at me at 50 mph and turning right. He came at me from the right. Had he been with traffic he would have been on the other side of the road.)

(2). Never cross in front of a car at an intersection without stopping. That car is ready to go and may not see you. (He saw me but never stopped, just cut out in front of me.)

(3). The bicyclist needs to make eye contact with the automobile driver to ensure that the driver sees the bicyclist. Do not just assume you are seen, either as a pedestrian or a bicyclist.

The police determined that it was an accident and that I was not negligent nor malicious. I did not receive a ticket.

But the front rim of the bicyclists bike was bent and I feel badly that he may be without the use of his bike for awhile while this all gets sorted out. I am just grateful that he was not seriously, or for that matter, minorly injured.

I also hope he is not a litigious person, but rather is fair, honorable and equitable.

So, so far my opinion about 2008 is that it sucks, and if it is any indication as to the rest of the year, I am just going to bed and not get up till its over.

A little good news for DTAMP this morning was received. Someone bought something from MegaSteps International and I do have a commission coming. Thank you whoever made the purchase.

I hope you all are having a better year than me.

Present Stake: $1061.25

Motto: It is only "one" found penny.
Slogan: As Simple As Finding A Penny.



This Double a Penny Blog is based upon the Doubling Plan "How to Double Your Way to a £Million in 28 Steps". It is an attempt to "Double Your Way to a Million" by going from one penny to one million dollars, starting from nothing. At the beginning you start by finding a penny and then double a penny until reaching $1,000,000.

How to Double Your Way to a Million in 28 Steps
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Blogger Sput said...

Not so much of a comment rather than a question. Would you count money that you find in the house (ie down the back of the sofa - or in my case the laundry room) as you first find? Or does it have to be found in the street?

Thanks for your time.

Sarah (

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 12:40:00 PM  
Blogger Xinfinitum said...

Hi Sarah,

In my interpretation of the rules, I would consider finding money in my own house or that I lost on my property and then found again, as an unaceptable resource.

I think the key would be was it already yours and could it be counted as something "which you would have got anyways had you not been doing the system".

If it was something you already owned then I would count it as a 'hidden' resource and not permit it to be entered into the stake.

In some cases there is a fine line in order to draw a distinction and each person has to consider just how far they will go with the rules in applying their understanding of them.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008 4:05:00 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I am sorry that you did not have a good start to the year. Your shares, I am sure, are probably not improving but I hope that other things are. I notice that Arkad has set his goals for the year - if you do this it might help you to focus and your money should grow. It works for me!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 10:10:00 AM  
Blogger Xinfinitum said...

Hi Rachel,

Some months are worse than others. January 2008 has been one of the fifth worth months for the Market since WWII.

It has been rough for everyone but I got a gut feel yesterday that we have hit a turning point and should see a temporary bottom and reversal at this point.

It has been a little discouraging because all of the DTAMP funds are tied up and things have slowed down for the time being.

But it is a matter of time and sometimes all you can do is wait.

In the mean time my goals have been slowed down considerably.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008 3:54:00 PM  
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